Insulation on the inner ring Bearings FAQS

QWhat is the purpose of insulated bearing for Motors with VFD?

AThe purpose of insulated bearing for Motors with VFD drives or the Alternators is to prevent the flow of circulating current in a closed circuit through bearing and ground (if bearing is not insulated) and consequently prevent the bearing from damage.

QWhat is electric insulated bearing?

AThe special spraying process is adopted for the electric insulated bearing. The outer surface of the bearing is sprayed with high-quality coating, which has strong binding force with the substrate and good insulation performance. It can avoid the electric erosion of the bearing caused by the induced current, prevent the damage caused by the current to the grease, rolling body and raceway, and improve the service life of the bearing.

QHow many types does the electric insulated bearing can be divided into?

AElectrically insulated deep groove ball bearings Electrical insulation angle contact ball bearings Electrically insulated cylindrical roller bearings Inner or outer ring insulated bearings with oxide plating Mixed bearings with electrically insulated ceramic rolling bodies

QWhat is advantages for the electric insulated bearing?

AThe electric insulated bearing can avoid the damage caused by the electric corrosion, so compared with the ordinary bearing, it can guarantee the operation more reliable. Compared with other insulation methods, such as shaft or shell insulation, it is more cost-effective and reliable. The external dimensions and basic technical characteristics of insulated bearings are the same as those of uninsulated bearings, so they can be 100% interchanged.